About Us

Serving New Hampshire Ford Owners Since 1924

Welcome to Grappone Ford!

Our owner, Amanda, is on site and works with all departments to make sure you have a great experience. Her great-grandparents started the business in 1924 as a gas station in Concord and we’ve grown quite a bit since then. We have more than 300 team members and Grappone hired us all for the same reason: to serve our guests and community with integrity, kindness and respect.

We think we’re successful because we listen to our guests; we know that most people hate the hassle and wasted time of the back and forth negotiation process, so we’ve changed the way we do business to put the fun back into buying cars. We’ll give you Upfront Pricing and a negotiation free process so we can focus on the good stuff.

Our cars and trucks are individually priced based on equipment, availability, demand, and how long we’ve had them. We’re confident that our low Upfront Pricing is highly competitive. So confident, in fact, that we offer a three-day money back guarantee on any car or truck you buy.

We also think it’s important that you know that our Product Specialists’ pay isn’t commission based. Their job is to find you the least expensive car (or truck) at any of our stores that best fits your needs.



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